No audio in Vivaldi on NixOS


I’m fairly new to Nix & NixOS. I’m running NixOS 21.05 with recently updated packages (this week).

I’m getting no audio output from vivaldi (a chromium-based web browser).

YouTube videos play successfully, and the tab shows the speaker icon indicating that it’s making sound

but pavucontrol shows no playback

Firefox works fine out of the box.

I have seen several issues / discussions mentioning WideVine and proprietary codecs:

However, I have enabled both of these options, and still have no audio playback in Vivaldi:

vivaldi.override {
  proprietaryCodecs = true;
  enableWidevine = true;

If anyone has any idea what the issue is or how to further debug, I would be very grateful.


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Possibly related, I’m seeing the same symptoms with LosslessCut, an Electron app. The browser will play videos but I hear no sound and it isn’t listed in PulseAudio Volume Control.