No such file or directory for binaries in dockerTool.pullImage

I am using dockerTool.pullImage and dockerTool.buildLayeredImage for building Docker image in Nix, but I find that binaries in the built image will gives No such file or directory, even if the file exists.

Let say I am using the image of playwright and run these:

docker pull
docker run --rm -it /bin/bash

I will get this:

[13:13:1230/] Running as root without --no-sandbox is not supported. See

But if I use that as an base image like this:

{ pkgs, package, fix-playwright-browsers, ... }:
  playwright = pkgs.dockerTools.pullImage {
    imageName = "";
    imageDigest = "sha256:f08e263c95e83334104e6e2fee047ad92062a03af6ae94c0f8686ba2b3014823";
    sha256 = "sha256-Xw6kslYNmBjNFcmz63eSHTMn7b/zlLqWjvCqrwOQJYI=";
in pkgs.dockerTools.buildLayeredImage {
  name = "portfolio-pdf";
  tag = "latest";
  fromImage = playwright;
  contents = with pkgs; [ nodejs-16_x bash coreutils ];
  config = {
    Cmd = [ "/bin/echo" "hello" ];

And run this(omitting the flake part that hold this derivation):

nix build .#image
docker load < result

It will give this:

bash: /ms-playwright/chromium-939194/chrome-linux/chrome: No such file or directory

But the executable is right over there:

\[\]root@7316b43f27b7:/# /bin/ls -al  /ms-playwright/chromium-939194/chrome-linux/chrome
-rwxrwxrwx 1 root root 304888584 Dec  2 05:19 /ms-playwright/chromium-939194/chrome-linux/chrome

Why would something like this happen? This somehow applies to all binaries of that image, and I have to use full path for /bin/ls, even though $PATH included /bin.

That image is built with Ubuntu and in x86 as well. I am not sure what went wrong and how to debug this.

Sounds like you are possibly running into the issue of trying to run binaries not built for NixOS, so when you see “no such file or directory” it really means it can’t run the binary even though it found it because linked libraries aren’t available in the expected locatons.

This might help: Packaging/Binaries - NixOS Wiki

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Thank you so much the link, and I think thats the issue. In the end, I decided to build the image with native Docker cli, and only pass the image to my Nix configuration, as I cannot find the source url for the bundled browser for playwright.

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