nodePackages.dat :init at 13.13.1
How do I add native dependencies to node packages?

So apparently even @lilyball is stumped.Is someone expert on how node stuff is packaged in nixpkgs?

FWIW the existing nodePackages_10_x.dat fails to compile for me as well with the same original “libtool is required” message.

Where I got stumped with this new PR is compilation errors with utp-native@1.7.3.

Edit: The following diff fixes nodePackages_10_x.dat:

diff --git a/pkgs/development/node-packages/default-v10.nix b/pkgs/development/node-packages/default-v10.nix
index 8a479924d46..6b34ed23478 100644
--- a/pkgs/development/node-packages/default-v10.nix
+++ b/pkgs/development/node-packages/default-v10.nix
@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@ nodePackages // {
   dat = nodePackages.dat.override {
-    buildInputs = [ nodePackages.node-gyp-build ];
+    buildInputs = [ nodePackages.node-gyp-build pkgs.libtool pkgs.autoconf pkgs.automake ];
   dnschain = nodePackages.dnschain.override {

I don’t yet know why this isn’t working for nodePackages_13_x.dat. I’m wondering if utp-native@1.7.3 simply isn’t compatible with nodejs-13_x

Also FWIW I don’t know why these packages are using buildInputs when these should probably be nativeBuildInputs.