[NOOB] How to get Nix to include submodules in /nix/store (so home-manager is able to source them)

I have a Nix folder in $HOME where I store all my configurations. All Nix files reside there, and so do my dotfiles (which I do symlinks with through home-manager). Since I was basically smashing the keyboard trying to set up a basic environment, it wasn’t version-controlled at first. Now that it is, and I’ve added the dotfiles repo as a submodule, it’s missing from /nix/store, and home-manager is unable to source them.

Any help as to how to fix this, or recommendations for a better setup would be warmly welcomed and appreciated.

To continue using the files as a submodule, you would need to fetch submodules explicitly for the corresponding input, like in this thread.

For programs that are supported by home manager it would be better to migrate to the home manager’s options rather than managing symlinks.

Thank you. Marking this as solved