Normal user not listed in GDM

I’m using gdm and my one user doesn’t show on its list (there is no list), gnome-control-center detects no users either.
Here is my user configuration, only this user exists.

 users.users.fuzzypixelz = {
        isNormalUser = true;
        extraGroups = [ "wheel" "audio" "wireshark" ];
        shell = pkgs.bash;

PS: The topic Normal users not appearing in login manager lists is irrelevant, as I have my shell set with shell - pkgs.bash and I even tried to use users.defaultUserShell with no luck.

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I think you just have to do passwd fuzzypixelz as root, or you can set users.users.fuzzypixelz.hashedPassword (man configuration.nix). Here’s a couple of relevant threads: