Not able to mount btrfs file system

I recently ran into some trouble with my NixOS installation on a Btrfs partition. The operating system was kernal panicking on boot. I decided to use a live usb with linux mint trying to mount the partition. Here is the output a few commands that I tried # mount -t btrfs -o ro,rescue=all /dev/nvme0n1p2 /mnt/ mount: /mnt: wrong fs t -
Any suggestions on how to solve the issue or atleast recover the data will be highly appreciated.

The only way I’ve gotten myself out of that situation was to format the disk and start over. Recovery of a BTRFS filesystem is unlikely to work, in my experience.

Of course, what BTRFS is suggesting is that your NVME drive is damaged. But if you’re dealing with a fresh install, why not just go ahead and give it another shot.

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Sorry for the misunderstanding; this is not a fresh install. I have been using it for a year now.

If you have a backup, I suggest using it instead of attempting a recovery.

If not, then get with the BTRFS developers on their mailing list. They can suggest a recovery method based on your specific situation.