Notification on systemd service failures

I deploy my server with NixOps and I want to be notified about systemd service failures. Therefore I tried to extend every systemd service with onFailure. Currently I have something along the lines of

{ config, lib, pkgs, ... }:

  config = lib.setAttrByPath [ "systemd" "services" ]
    (lib.genAttrs (lib.attrNames
      (serviceName: lib.setAttrByPath [ "serviceConfig" "onFailure" ]  [ "email@%n.service" ]));

However, that will lead into an infinite recursion. Any ideas?

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Just another idea. Systemd publishes all event changes of systemd units over dbus. You could listen to these events and trigger something any time a service goes to status failed.

Nixpkgs ships with the pystemd python package that easily allows you to do this

Or you could do it with busctl and some bash:

sudo busctl  monitor org.freedesktop.systemd1 --json=short | jq 'select(.member=="PropertiesChanged")'

You then just need one service that monitors all of them.

However, lā€™m also curious how we can solve your nixos config to not infinitely recurse. Ill have a better look later