Notification on systemd service failures

I deploy my server with NixOps and I want to be notified about systemd service failures. Therefore I tried to extend every systemd service with onFailure. Currently I have something along the lines of

{ config, lib, pkgs, ... }:

  config = lib.setAttrByPath [ "systemd" "services" ]
    (lib.genAttrs (lib.attrNames
      (serviceName: lib.setAttrByPath [ "serviceConfig" "onFailure" ]  [ "email@%n.service" ]));

However, that will lead into an infinite recursion. Any ideas?


Just another idea. Systemd publishes all event changes of systemd units over dbus. You could listen to these events and trigger something any time a service goes to status failed.

Nixpkgs ships with the pystemd python package that easily allows you to do this

Or you could do it with busctl and some bash:

sudo busctl  monitor org.freedesktop.systemd1 --json=short | jq 'select(.member=="PropertiesChanged")'

You then just need one service that monitors all of them.

However, l’m also curious how we can solve your nixos config to not infinitely recurse. Ill have a better look later


With systemd v244, we will be able to do it this way:

Unit files now support top level dropin directories of the form
<unit_type>.d/ (e.g. service.d/) that may be used to add configuration
that affects all corresponding unit files.

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Journalwatch seems like a possible workaround.

In the stockholm there is a module called krebs.on-failure which essentially links a separate on-failure.plans.<service-name> to the service:
The essential piece of configuration can be found at:

However it only attaches to explicitly marked services: = "snapraid-sync"; [source]

The idea is that most of the time you know which services are important and where you definitly want to receive a mail once something dies.


Thank you for your suggestions. I learned about some cool stuff. Much appreciated :heart:
For the moment I just use my solution and specify explicitly the services for that I definitely want to receive notifications.

# default.nix
  nixos =
    import <nixpkgs/nixos> {
        configuration = { lib, ...}: {

   = lib.mkOption {
                type = with lib.types; attrsOf (submodule {
                    config = {
                        serviceConfig.onFailure = "email@%n.service";

            config = {
                boot.isContainer = true; # this is only as an example

                services.nginx.enable = true;

in nixos.config
$ nix eval -f.

Note this probably won’t affect service units shipped builtin with systemd, nor service units added via the systemd.packages option.

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