Noto-fonts-cjk font look too thin on NixOS 22.05 and KDE plasma

I could still use the font from older nixpkgs though I’m wondering what happend to font weight on NixOS 22.05. Font rendering on Google Chrome look fine, the problem is just with KDE UI fonts (and only with Japanese font rendering, font rendering of Latin alphabet look same on both versions).

NixOS 22.05

NixOS 21.11

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Maybe related to the switch to variable font. It has been reverted but at present the revert has not gotten to channels yet.


I have been able to use KDE without issues after the fix, however, the same problem have reappeared after upgrading to NixOS 22.11.

This bug seems to have reappearred. I’m currently on Nix unstable and here is a screenshot from Kate settings.