Nrf-command-line-tools error


I have tried using the package nrf-command-line-tools; however, the following message popped up when I tried to use nrfjprog.

USBBULK: Falied to load Need for identification of J-Links connected via USB.

I have included the package udev in an attempt to sorted it out, but no luck on sorting it out.

nix-shell -p nrf-command-line-tools udev
nrfjprog --reset

I would appreciate any guidance on this matter.

NOTE: When executing the command as root, no error message appears. But the nrfjprog cannot find the debugger (which is connected and works as expected when using non-nix nrfjprog installation)

I managed to find a workaround, which relies on forcing LD_LIBRARY_PATH to "${eudev}/lib.

It worked, but I am not quite convinced it is the most elegant solution…

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