Nvidia RTX 3050 TI drivers not working

I know this is probably something very common but even following the Nix-Nvidia documentation page, I wasn’t able to solve my problem.
I’m trying to run Blender and OBS but both complain about not finding the GLX extension:

When I run glxinfo:

There are no important logs on the Xorg.0.log file in my opinion. When I go to the Pop!_Shop (I’m running Pop Os 21.10) it shows that I need to update my nvidia-drivers:

But I’m not using apt, or any ubuntu pkg manager along with nix to try to solve this problem, so I’m curious about what could I do to fix this once for all.


I recommend using the nixgl wrapper to potentially fix this: https://github.com/guibou/nixGL

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wow, that worked, at least it opens the applications, in a long term do you think this could be the best solution? Or should I try to download the drivers, add them to nix-store and describe them on the nix conf file?
But thanks a lot for the help!!

The nix store is ready-only, you won’t be able to add the drivers there manually.

I have a debian machine using nix as package manager and most of applications that relies on opengl are being wrapped with nixGL.

Here’s some examples from my dotfiles:

  1. nixGL overlay added to home-manager: https://github.com/portothree/dotfiles/blob/07422b734ac584c8fc56bd152ec7af234269aee8/flake.nix#L99
  2. nixgl.auto.nixGLNvidia package import: https://github.com/portothree/dotfiles/blob/07422b734ac584c8fc56bd152ec7af234269aee8/hosts/gesonel/home.nix#L22
  3. Example of service using nixGL wrapper: https://github.com/portothree/dotfiles/blob/07422b734ac584c8fc56bd152ec7af234269aee8/hosts/gesonel/home.nix#L132
# home.nix
  services = {
    picom = {
      enable = true;
      package = pkgs.writers.writeBashBin "picom" ''
        ${pkgs.nixgl.auto.nixGLNvidia}/bin/nixGLNvidia-460.91.03 ${pkgs.picom}/bin/picom --xrender-sync-fence "$@"
      backend = "glx";
      experimentalBackends = true;