Oauth2_proxy with keycloak-oidc provider

I’m trying to setup oauth2_proxy with a keycloak-oidc provider. According to the oauth2_proxy documentation oauth2_proxy needs to be called with the option --oidc-issuer-url. But there is no configuration option for that in the service, even though keycloak-oidc is available as a provider option.

I suppose I can use oauth2_proxy.extraConfig, but I would have expected that the module provides all necessary options to make a provider work. Am I missing something?

Hello @philippW

I wonder how you ended up configuring this. I’m about to do something similar.

I am now using Authelia instead of Keycloak, which makes oauth2_proxy obsolete (for my purposes, anyway). But looking at my old configuration file, I was using something like this:

services.oauth2_proxy.extraConfig.oidc-issuer-url = "https://sso.example.com/realms/example";
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Thanks for the tip for Authelia. I didn’t know about that but it looks like something I should consider switching to too.

Otherwise I was able to make keycloak and oath2_proxy work. But I’ve used clientSecret and plain keycloak provider.

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