Official Nix Language Cheat Sheet

Hey everyone

I’ve just submitted a PR to add an official Nix language cheat sheet to the marketing repository (Add cheat sheets #7). The cheat sheet is available in A4 and Letter paper sizes and in full color and (mostly) grayscale. This is part of a larger effort by the marketing team to create and collect swag that we can distribute at future NixCon and other large events.


I would so much appreciate a cheat sheet for functions from builtins and nixpkgs’s lib (and from packages too, such as buildEnv) - sometimes i just can neither find the one i need at a certain moment, nor remember some function I already used later.


That’s a pretty good idea. Although there are a lot of builtins and library functions.

Until one materializes, have you tried using


oh, interesting resource, thank you.

I notice that there is a lot of 3rd party resources popping up around nix, but unless I manage to catch a discussion about one here on discoruse - i’d probably never find it on my own.

but as for what it is - it’s a good to find a manual entry for a function you know by name, but not that good for discovering a function that you didn’t know exists.
Also I see it misses docs for functions from pkgs, such as all kind of builders. But, unfortunately, for those even nixos/nixpkgs manuals do not contain full reference entries, usually I’m forced to look into their code.


Cool… I had the idea to do something similar using Typst to facilitate user contributions.


I’ve looked at Typst but never tried it. It looks really cool and I’ve heard the barrier to entry is a lot lower. What’s your experience with it?

Honestly, a whole series of cheat sheets like this would be really nice to have in general, bite-size format for information like this is generally nice to see.


I do have plans to add a nix commands (and maybe repl) cheat sheet. And @sirphobos’s comment has me thinking about one for builtins and functions.

Any other thoughts about what would make for a helpful cheat sheet?

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Typst? This is a wonderful piece of software. I was a convinced user of LaTeX (ex: ECPHP / sessions · GitLab) for years… and since I tried Typst, I never went back to using LaTeX…

I’m using Typst for writing letters, making presentations


This is pretty sick! Okay I’m convinced. I’m going to take a look at converting to typst after this PR goes through.

I was poking around a bit in your repo. How do you make it work so you can use packages from the typst universe?

I just uploaded the latest nix files I usually use for Typst projects: Flake for Typst · GitHub

Once in your repo, create the file: src/<name-of-the-document>/main.typ, then the scripts build-<name-of-the-document> and watch-<name-of-the-document> will be available.

The packages from Typst universe should also be available.


I have a note somewhere telling me to look at making builtins and lib cheatsheets for navi… Still haven’t tried it out.

I am pretty convinced that we could generate them as part of the documentation generation process: syntax is pretty simple (c.f. navi/docs/ at 7575ca2435c6032881d637135d8f00d4cc1e8f94 · denisidoro/navi · GitHub).

It would make the cheatsheets usable from CLI, interactively, without internet connection.