Offline installation of a neovim flake

Background: I wanna to create a neovim flake with all vim/nvim plugins + some pre-built binaries like clangd & treesitter. And use it on every x86/aarch64 with some linux distro with or without internet.

Already try:

  • nix bundle: too slow to open neovim.
  • nix copy: can copy the closure, can run the neovim binary directly, like /nix/store/xxxxxx-neovim/bin/nvim But I can not invoke it via with nix cmd, e.g. nix run .#nvim, then I can’t make any changes/debug the lua configuration within the flake, also, I can’t invoke pre-built binary installed by the flake directly, like fzf, as it somehow needs internet connection to download some nixpkg stuff.

Any better methods that could deal with my situation?

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I can recommend you NixVim.


yeah, I already check that out. If I get it right, I can’t use lua to configure neovim as usual?

Anyway, how can integrate it in offline situation?

You can use Lua still with NixVim, I have a line like extraConfigLua = builtins.readFile ./config.lua; so I can load in Lua code.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any suggestions regarding making a better “offline” bundle. I read this thread already and I think unfortunately you’ve tried everything I would’ve suggested.

I’m not entirely sure what you mean by offline usage, but if you want to use it on a distro other that NixOS it will remain available as long as it’s installed on your profile or by using home-manager for example. NixVim is a fantastic project but I also didn’t want to configure neovim using nix, I use it just as a package manager so I can edit the lua config without nix interaction.

There are a lot of “neovim as a flake” configurations out there, here’s mine GitHub - aorith/neovim-flake: Neovim configuration using a nix flake, the readme explains the structure a bit. I use the package “nvim-without-config” that doesn’t bundle the lua config in the nix store.