On an AMD integrated graphics laptop, how much of the AMD GPU wiki page should I put in my configuration.nix?

I’ve recently installed NixOS (minimal ISO image) on an AMD laptop with an integrated graphics card – an A6-6310 APU with Radeon R4 Graphics

And I’m wondering how much of the NixOS AMD GPU wiki page would it be advisable to throw into my configuration.nix file. Does NixOS already have optimal settings for integrated GPUs right out of the box? Or do I need to copy some/all of this wiki page? And exactly which sections of it?

I’m mostly hoping to use Firefox. Firefox is currently sluggish, but that could be for any number of reasons. For example, all I did to install firefox was throw the word “firefox” into the environment.systemPackages section (along with some wayland programs like waybar, dunst, and kitty). And all I did for wayland and hyprland was throw programs.hyprland.enable = true into the configuration.nix file. I have NOT yet added anything about opengl, have NOT added any wayland flags to the commands that open Firefox in my hyprland config file (I don’t actually know how to add flags to that file just yet).

I’m going to be learning how to tinker with all of the above, but I wanted to start by making sure I had the proper drivers. After all, there are tips for speeding up Firefox, but I feel like some of them might work better if my drivers are solid.

The wiki page includes these sections:

The only thing that should be relevant to you is “Enable Southern Islands (SI) and Sea Islands (CIK) support” to use the older amdgpu driver (instead of radeon). Your card seems to be GCN 2.

You are using a Wayland WM, so you don’t need xserver settings. (Firefox on NixOS is already defaulting to Wayland, btw.)
HIP and OpenCL are for GPU compute, which you definitely don’t need.
Vulkan is already enabled by default (only 64 bit, not 32 bit, which is basically relevant only for games). It does not support the old radeon driver.