On what Linux distro is NixOS based on?

Hi, I currently struggle to understand the origin of this OS. Yes, I do understand the concept of Nix, but I lack to find information of its origin. Is it Debian, is it Arch?

Yes, I probably could find it out by simply installing NixOS, but I’d like to have this information before digging into it, because of personal preference.

Thank you.

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None. It is a completely from-scratch distro. The nixpkgs repo contains all the Nix code needed to build a linux distro completely from source and from scratch, and that’s what you’re using when you install NixOS. We just have sophisticated binary caching so that you don’t actually have to build all that from source, and can just get the whole OS and all your packages as binaries from cache.nixos.org


Guess I didn’t understand the concept of Nix in it’s full scope then. That sounds really awesome, so I can just build any Distro I want, basically inventing my own Distro.

Fascinating stuff. I have so many more questions, but I think I should dig in first.

Thank you!


Welcome to the rabbit hole :wink: