OneDriveGUI - how best to create a nix package

Hi and I’m a real nix newb so please be gentle. I’m still learning
I want to get my OneDrive into more of a GUI mode since my installed onedrive package is command line driven.
I came across GitHub - bpozdena/OneDriveGUI: A simple GUI for OneDrive Linux client, with multi-account support. which looks to be ideal but there’s no nix package available that I can see.
How do I go about getting this git repo as a nix package?
Any help for a newbie will be most appreciated
Thank you, Martin

Hi, it could be fairly easy to package it using the AppImage version.

Here is a PR about packaging an AppImage binary upscayl: init at 2.5.5 by Icy-Thought · Pull Request #237494 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub for example

You could also directly run the AppImage, see Appimage - NixOS Wiki


$ nix-shell -p appimage-run
$ appimage-run $AppImageFile