Only 2.2GB of 32GB of RAM available on most boots

My HP Probook 445 G7 is only showing 2.2GB of ram available. dmidecode shows both sticks of 16gb of ram. Ubuntu and Windows have all ram available every time I try them.

I’ve tried rolling the kernel version back to 5.15, but it is still happening. I’m not sure what other troubleshooting steps to try.

The numbers reported by free can be a bit misleading, a lot of that “used” memory might simply be sitting around unreclaimed, waiting for any process to need more memory.

What exactly does free -h tell you, and have you checked what’s eating memory with top or btm or the likes?

I should have provided more information.

Top (specifically btop) is what shows 2.2GB available. The computer definitely only has access to that amount because it locks up when it hits that limit.

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Oh, I misunderstood, I interpreted it as 20 GB memory usage at idle. This is a bizarre one, my bad!

Anything in dmesg or journalctl to indicate what’s going wrong?

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@TLATER Thank you for pointing me to dmesg. I found this line

[    0.154709] Memory: 2280288K/32929080K available (14336K kernel code, 2303K rwdata, 9008K rodata, 2896K init, 5172K bss, 30648532K reserved, 0K cma-reserved)

This give me several more things to Google to get this figured out.


Apologies for asking the truly obvious question, but: are you sure you’re running a 64-bit kernel? I would guess this isn’t it, because even if it was the number is not what I would expect, but still.

Yes, its a 64-bit kernel. When I have access to all of the expected memory that dmesg line shows

[    0.137084] Memory: 32127108K/32929080K available (14336K kernel code, 2303K rwdata, 9008K rodata, 2896K init, 5172K bss, 801712K reserved, 0K cma-reserved)

I’m having a similar issue currently, did you find a solution yet?

No, it’s still happening. I have made any progress tracking it down.