OnlyOffice on NixOS?

Does someone know a simple way to get OnlyOffice work with NixOS ? I cannot find any package.

When working on my Nextcloud setup, I also started working on packaging it, but pretty much gave up and went for LibreOffice Online instead. I’ve put the work-in-progress version here in case someone wants to pick it up:

Months ago I succeeded to use onlyoffice with their docker-compose file but it was difficult to customize parameters. Default options were taking too much RAM.
Will stick to LibreOffice for the moment.

This was a PoC that worked with the nixpkgs at the time. Just a declarative docker container:

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onlyoffice-bin being added to nixpkgs here: ONLYOFFICE DesktopEditors packaged! - #17 by nh2

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If you use the docker file or package the OnlyOffice server, don’t miss out this: GitHub - aleho/onlyoffice-ce-docker-license: Onlyoffice with mobile editing enabled.

It patches out the artificial limitations on mobile editing introduced in this commit (see this issue) and also the limit on the connection number.


This is really great! Hope you can get this working and merged, would really like to use it

The services are starting, the healthcheck is passing and you can already configure it in nextcloud. Only the generated fonts are missing and maybe one or two things after that. I am comfortable saying it should be done this week.

I finally got it to open, edit and save a text docuemnt :tada:

Please take a look at and do not find any bugs :pray: