Open for nomination: [RFC 0042] NixOS config options

The purpose of this RFC is provide best practices when generating configuration files from a set of options in order to improve the modularity. The RFC was opened this week and is looking for shepherds in the community.

Shepherd Team

A team of 3-4 community members defined unanimously by the RFC Steering Committee, responsible for accepting or rejecting a specific RFC. This team is created per RFC from community members nominated in the discussion on that RFC.

This team should be people who are very familiar with the main components touched by the RFC. The author cannot be part of the Shepherd Team. In addition, at most half of the Shepherd Team can be part of the RFC Steering Committee.

The resposibility of the team is to guide the discussion as long as it is constructive, new points are brought up and the RFC is iterated on and from time to time summarise the current state of discussion. If this is the case no longer, then the Shepherd Team shall step in with a motion for FCP.

Shepherd Leader

The person in charge of the RFC process for a specific RFC, and responsible for ensuring the process is followed in a timely fashion. The Shepherd Leader has no special resposibility with regard to moving an undecided Shepherd Team to a certain decision.

Iā€™d be happy to participate as a member of the shepherd team for this RFC. As a semi-regular NixOS contributor and the Home Manager maintainer I have a fair understanding of the NixOS module system. I therefore think I can offer constructive criticism on the proposal.


@rycee I agree with this. Could you just mention yourself on the RFC page as well?