OpenCL vendors and clinfo

I am using an AMD 6900XT and trying to configure OpenCL on unstable. I test initially with clinfo. I’ve done lots of tests and reading, but still can’t quite get it working

I have tried the extraPackages - rocmPackages.clr and also rocmPackages.clr.icd along with rocm-opencl-icd (64 and 32 bit) - I can’t find any documentation describing the difference between .clr and .clr.icd

clinfo return 0 platforms

If I

export OCL_ICD_VENDORS=nix-build '<nixpkgs>' --no-out-link -A rocmPackages.clr.icd/etc/OpenCL/vendors/

I get a path to clr-6.0.2 and information from clinfo

Am I missing something in my config?

Also, what is the config method to declare OCL_ICD_VENDORS given it changes if I rebuild?

Anticipating further issues, I’m guessing the declaration above won’t help services - so how might I address that issue?