Opinions on this idea?

What do you guys think about a revamp of nixos.wiki, probably using the Astro Web framework where people can contribute via Git and where the contribution content is properly reviewed for correctness and best practices before it gets merged?

I know that there is already nix.dev, but since it does not practice anything about flakes and the new cli because it is not stabilized it is not really ideal in my opinion.

In this wiki, everything would be built around the new cli and flakes.


If you’re looking to help with documentation I suggest you join the documentation team meetings.


people can contribute via Git
content is properly reviewed for correctness and best practices before it gets merged

You are essentialy describing the NixOS manual.

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yes, but the nixos manual has nothing about flakes because they are not stable and probably will not be in the next few years

Flakes are Nix thing, so they are in the Nix manual: nix flake - Nix Reference Manual

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nixos-rebuild can use flakes as well and that’s a NixOS thing, but I don’t think that was your point.

As someone who has very little experience of Nixos the mood I get is this: it will probably shutdown before that happens. The Wiki is a good place to get less formal info about Nix, a smattering of recipes and ideas for beginners and others and links to elsewhere.

It a shame (at least to me) because it needs lots of work to bring it up to the standard of the official docs. And its under resourced. And on that note I suggest: start as mentioned join the doc team and start right a way in whatever seems to be the most productive. But you cant change things immediately without the support of the doc team.