Outdated app in nix repo

so i use jetbrains like pycharm and rider

but the version provided in nix repo is rather old
and i can’t seem to be able to update it within the app either (permission denied)

is there a way to install the latest version manually on nixos?
i tried before but failed

What version are you using? What did you try to update it that didn’t work?

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I’m on nixos 23.11
and my pycharm is 2023.2.3 which is latest version nix repo provides

pycharm has an update option internally but it doesn’t work since it requires permission
i tried to use chown to give permission to my user but it did not seem to effect

Regardless of the permissions, you can not update using the internal functions, this is just how nixOS works.

And latest pycharm in the repo seems to be 2023.3.1 via unstable.

You can use that.