overideScope rename

I am getting this warning in my nixOS sys config when i do rebuild switch:

trace: warning: `overrideScope'` (from `lib.makeScope`) has been renamed to `overrideScope`.

(in a way the message is a bit comical but thats ok…)
it comes from here:

but i don’t use overrideScope nor makeScope anywhere in my config.

How to deal with this warning?

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Just ignore it, it’s probably coming from somewhere else, out of your files and therefore, not under your responsibility.

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You can find out what is causing it by setting NIX_ABORT_ON_WARN=true environment variable and --show-trace. See the docs for lib.warn.

If you are using flakes, you will need to disable pure evaluation for the environment variable to be available in Nix. Something like the following should work:

NIX_ABORT_ON_WARN=true nix build .#nixosConfigurations.myHost.config.system.build.toplevel --option pure-eval false --show-trace

Then you should check if you have up to date version of the project that is causing the warning and, if so, report an issue against it.

thanks, i didn’t manage to track it down, cuz flake update chased the warning away…