Overlay, buildGoModule, overrideAttrs, version overrides

Hi. Recently had a hard time getting going with overlays. Got some help in discord, thought I would share it back here.

Use case: Want latest version which isn’t in nixpkgs yet, or to version pin a pkg.

Example: In this case, it is a go based pkg - operator-sdk was at 1.18.1 and I want to install latest (1.22.0).

Context: using home-manager, I don’t use nix to manage any other aspect of system.

Inside ~/.config/nixpkgs/home.nix:

{ config, pkgs, ... }:

  nixpkgs.overlays = [
    (final: prev: {
      operator-sdk = prev.callPackage "${prev.path}/pkgs/development/tools/operator-sdk" {
        buildGoModule = args: prev.buildGoModule (args // {
          version = "1.22.0";

          src = prev.fetchFromGitHub {
            owner = "operator-framework";
            repo = "operator-sdk";
            rev = "v1.22.0";
            sha256 = prev.lib.fakeHash;
          vendorSha256 =  prev.lib.fakeHash;



Notice in the sha fields, using fakeHash. So when you do this, run home-manager switch and you will get an error about hash-mismatch. First error message gives sha256, run again and that will give you the vendorSha256.

There are probably a few variations on doing this, depending on the pkg. In this case the pkg is using buildGoModule. Here is another variation, to overlay asdf-vm.nix:

(final: prev: {
  asdf-vm = prev.asdf-vm.overrideAttrs (_: {
    version = "0.10.2";
    src = prev.fetchFromGitHub {
        owner = "asdf-vm";
        repo = "asdf";
        rev = "v0.10.2";
        sha256 = prev.lib.fakeHash;

Thanks to everyone in the discord who helped while I fumbled my way to asking the right questions. Here is the meat of the discussion: Discord

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