Overlay for bootstrap files

I found that I can’t use the new x86_64 Linux glibc bootstrap tools on my systems, so I built my own based on the nixpkgs commit and some custom patches to glibc. I’m using overlays to add patches to glibc and some other packages. Is there a way to modify the bootstrap files URLs+hashes with an overlay or similar?

I’d need to have nixpkgs use different files here:

Background info: I’m running Nix in an old container runtime that doesn’t know about the faccessat2 syscall, and it gives EPERM instead of ENOSYS. The glibc used in the new bootstrap tools uses faccessat2, so the coreutils reports everything as not executable, not writable, not readable, etc. Building a normal package e.g. in the early bootstrap process will fail with

no configure script, doing nothing

as it comes to believe there is no executable ./configure in packages that are meant to have them.

AFAIU there is no good way to do it today and it would be useful to have that mechanism. Allow user to supply their `bootstrapFiles` set of tools · Issue #272750 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub to track it’s addition.

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thanks, I read a lot of your blog on how the bootstrapping works.

I figure we might as well try adding this functionality given that there’s more than one person interested

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