Override icons bundled with packages

Certain packages, specifically gnome.ghex and ghidra for me, but there are probably more, contain bundled hicolor icons which override the icons in my custom icon theme. Here’s what my dock with both of those programs looks like (the offenders are right in the middle), and here’s the icons in my theme that they should be using, which I triple-checked are named & symlinked appropriately based on the programs’ .desktop files and xprops. Is there anything I can do to force these programs to use my icons besides making my own nix modules for them?

I’m using KDE Plasma, btw.

Are you sure your theme uses the correct name? ${gnome.ghex}/share/applications/org.gnome.GHex.desktop contains Icon=org.gnome.GHex so I would expect if your theme uses icon named that way, it should be picked up.

yes, the canonical icon file is ghex.svg and it is symlinked to org.gnome.GHex.svg and the symlink is active and valid. like i said - all the icons are triple checked for names based on both the .desktop files and the xprop of an active application window.