Package Request Etiquette - Input Mapper

Hi I’m new to NixOS and would appreciate some guidance. The unstable channel for package “input-remapper” is version 1.5.0 but there version 2.0 has been released with some significant enhancements.

What is the correct etiquette to make a request for the package to be upgraded on the unstable channel?

Input Remapper 2.0

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The best is to send a PR if you can, but otherwise, you can create an issue and ping the maintainer.

To find who is the maintainer, try to find the packaga in → Source and look at the maintainers. This is usually the github handle to @ mention.


From a quick glance, it looks like a pretty complex package, too, and the maintainer was quite active before. Decent chance it’s just a bit of a pain to upgrade to the new version, upstream likely made some changes to the build system.


Thanks for the responses, they’re greatly appreciated.

zimbatm: cheers, I’ll reach out the maintainers and go from there.

TLATER: I attempted to do the build myself but failed. Feel a little better knowing it’s not straight forward but will give it another go to see what I can learn.

Would you like to post the build error here, @Cornerspace? Sometimes a problem can be solved just by having more eyes look at it :slight_smile:

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