Package ruby-debug-ide


I’m trying to package this Ruby tool ruby-debug-ide in nixpkgs and I’m having some trouble.

Are there any folk that can help me?

It seems that between bundler, bundix, and the particular way this project is setup the dependency debase is not available when building the final derivation.

ruby-debug-ide uses a different base dependency depending on the ruby version.

When I run bundix --magic on a Gemfile that only includes ruby-debug-ide the base dependencies are not included in the Gemfile.lock nor gemset.nix.

To work around this I added debase (the base dependency for ruby 2+) to the Gemfile. debase gets built properly but ruby-debug-ide doesn’t seem to find the it (debase) when it tries to build it’s native extensions.

Any help would be very appreciated.


I’ve also tried adding both debase and ruby-debug-ide to the Gemfile in with-packages and ran update-ruby-packages.

After that I was able to require 'debase' in a ruby repl but I still can’t build ruby-debug-ide.

I don’t know anything about ruby but can you paste your code and errors somewhere or link to a PR or something? That might help with other people being able to help.

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Thank you @deliciouslytyped for the advice.
I’ve made a PR that has my changes and put the error message in a comment.