Package set shards?

I apologize for completely unrelated comment in the thread, but could you elaborate on what you mean? This sounds interesting.

Most likely, he’s using something like or flakes. And selects different packages from different points in time.

No, nothing but mainline Nix/Nixpkgs (it is a pretty old construction, too).

I have some system packages, and then I have a ton of buildEnvs written, and then also some linkFarms.

These buildEnvs are in my $PATH. And I have a script that is similar to nix-shell but older and also allows manipulating $LD_LIBRARY_PATH in addition to $PATH and $NIX_CFLAGS etc., so some of the linkFarms just serve as its cache/index.

Then typically I rebuid all of these from master, sometimes something doesn’t build (like ffmpegFull right now) and then the corresponding shard stays behind for some time, and if something breaks too badly I might checkout an older revision and rebuild one shard.

Sometimes I rebuild just one shard I care about, like in the case I try to find out which TeXLive packages I need to add to compile a file my coauthor has edited.

(The shard-building part is online on GitHub)

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