Packages looking for a maintainer

I figured a central thread to track software looking for new maintainer(s) might be a good idea.

Anyone interested in maintaining otter-browser?


The qolibri and scream-receivers packages could use some maintainers.

mygui has no maintainer. There is a pending update, but the changelog mentions a few things that will likely require our package to have a few changes.

A number of new packages are looking for a new maintainer now: treewide: remove the-kenny from maintainers by Mic92 · Pull Request #87353 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub

Please take a look and consider if you have interest or capacity.

I’m looking for a maintainer for jpeg-xl that I just packaged: libjxl: init at 2021-06-22-409efe02 (jpeg-xl reference implementation) by nh2 · Pull Request #103160 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub

The limesurvey package and module are looking for a maintainer:

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I’m looking for a maintainer for tusd, the Go server implementation of

PR where I’m adding it: tusd: init at 1.8.0 by nh2 · Pull Request #167076 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub

burp will need a new maintainer. It’s a BackUp and Restore Program using a client/server architecture.
I’m no longer using it and thus will be unable to properly maintain it.

Usage seems to be low, but apparently there are some users as indicated by PR 208154.

I’ll open a PR to remove myself in the next days, if someone wants to take over, please contact me.