Packaging a shell script that has completions

having a look at

got a nix package working for it :-)…

However it also comes with a bash completion script, how does one build that into a package, is there an example anywhere.


These seems to be a few ways to package shell scripts, I’m currently using wrapProgram, but there are other wrappers like makeWrapper, can someone explain the difference?

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nativeBuildInputs = [ installShellFiles ];

postInstall = ''
  installShellCompletion xsos-bash-completion.bash

(Though you may have to rename xsos-bash-completion.bash to xsos.bash, try it :wink: .)

installShellFiles is also described in the following section of the nixpkgs manual:


Ok, I’ve got my nix install script working, it builds!!! :slight_smile: and works.

I can’t get InstallShellCompletion to work, either by changing it’s name.

If I run a nix-shell to debug…, then i can see that that postInstall hook is there but it doesn’t appear on the nix-shell path.hmmmmmm…

any idea’s…

my default.nix code so far.

# nix-build -E 'with import <nixpkgs> {}; callPackage ./default.nix {}'
# nix-shell -E 'with import <nixpkgs> {}; callPackage ./default.nix {}'

{ stdenv, lib, fetchFromGitHub, makeWrapper, installShellFiles, dmidecode, ethtool, pciutils, multipath-tools, iproute }:
stdenv.mkDerivation rec {
  pname = "xsos";
  version = "v0.7.19";

  src = fetchFromGitHub {
    owner = "ryran";
    repo = "xsos";
    rev = version;
    sha256 = "11cc8z3pz4gl0mwl2fc701mn4cgx50fybygx0rvs9bhvb0jnphay";

  nativeBuildInputs = [ makeWrapper installShellFiles];

  installPhase = ''
    mkdir -p $out/bin
    cp -a xsos $out/bin
    mv xsos-bash-completion.bash xsos.bash
    wrapProgram "$out/bin/xsos" --prefix PATH : "${
        stdenv.lib.makeBinPath [

  postInstall = ''
    installShellCompletion xsos.bash

  meta = with stdenv.lib; {
    description = "xsos diagonstic script";
    homepage = "";
    license = licenses.gpl3;
    maintainers = [ maintainers.nobodyyet ];