[PATCH 1/2] vis: Add missing file(1) dependency

Required for syntax hilighting; opening /etx/nixos/configuration.nix
immediatly prints

  sh: file: command not found

Improve description while here.

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The attachment is missing. It’s probably Discourse doing some sort of filtering. Do you mind sending it again to the patches email address?

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Just sent it again to nixos1+dev-patches@discoursemail.com via

git format-patch -1
git send-email --to=nixos1+dev-patches@discoursemail.com \

arrived but is missing the patch again.

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Assuming submission through discourse has not improved, here’s the patch as paste.
None of the two enlisted maintainers have replied to mail so far.


Can’t reproduce with vis 0.7 from master with nix-shell -p vis -I nixpkgs=$HOME/src/nix/nixpkgs --pure. Do you still experience the issue?

file still doesn’t seem to be included though, the link doesn’t seem to lead to a patch (anymore?) unfortunately.

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