Permission error when trying to mount local disk in Thunar

I have set up Thunar with these plugins:

  programs.xfconf.enable = true;
  programs.thunar.enable = true;
  programs.thunar.plugins = with pkgs.xfce; [
  services.gvfs.enable = true;
  services.tumbler.enable = true;

I can see my local disks getting listed in Thunar’s Side Pane but when I click on them to mount, it gives me this error:

Failed to mount "Local Disk"
Not authorized to perform operation.

How to fix this?

could you please provide the output of mount /path/to/disk /path/to/mountdir?

Also, do that with sudo and do ls -l on the mounted dir please

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$ mount /dev/sda6 /tmp/mount-temp/
mount: /tmp/mount-temp: must be superuser to use mount.
       dmesg(1) may have more information after failed mount system call.

sudo mounts it.

$ ls -l /tmp/
drwxr-xr-x 26 root    root       4096 Jun  6  2023 mount-temp/


Maybe launch Thunar from the command line and see the “logs” there?

When I launch thunar from terminal, it launches it and returns the prompt so I can not see thunar logs.

maybe try launching it as root?

If I do sudo thunar, my other disks wouldn’t get shown in Devices section at the left pane.

I’m afraid that I can’t help you with this… :frowning: