Pinephone Won't Boot

Cross posted from necro-ing an old post (Build Image for PinePhone fail), apologies if this is poor practice.

My mobile-nixos pinephone image is failing to boot with cross compilation from my x86_64 nixos 20.09 system.

I’ve taken the commits from Hydra - Build 134431266 of job mobile-nixos:unstable:tested (Hydra - Build 133813227 of job mobile-nixos:unstable:tested) at time of writing and done git checkout for those in both mobile-nixos and nixpkgs. From the constituents page (Hydra - Job mobile-nixos:unstable:tested) it looks like there is no tested build for the pine64-pinephone, but maybe I’m looking in the wrong place.

Then from the default mobile-nixos repository (no local.nix changes) I ran:

❯ nix-build --argstr device pine64-pinephone -A build.disk-image -I nixpkgs=../nixpkgs

❯ sudo dd if=/nix/store/zi7byci37dib41544kkihs4sy3q5dyaw-pine64-pinephone_full-disk-image.img of=/dev/sdb status=progress

And inserted the sd-card to boot. The led turned solid red but no splash screen presented nor did it turn yellow as described in . I left this running overnight to be sure.

I’m unsure of what steps I can even take at this point, any advice?

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FWIW, I was able to get the following commits to build and boot.

mobile-nixos - 36724d4
nixpkgs-unstable - 56bb1b0f7a3

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