Pins: Permanent Nix Binary Storage


Reads like a nice feature! Is this already exposed in the cachix action?


Really good feature. Thank you very much Domen.

Yeah, Cachix 1.5 is already the latest release, which cachix-action installs.

I mean, can I specify a pin in the action?

You need to first build your flake (or nix file) and then you can pin it, so cachix-action can’t help with that.

We’re going to add more high level helpers for pinning, but we’d like to understand what workflow you want to follow.

This was my question.

So for now I need a “custom step” running nix pin manually.

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Something like this could work:
cachix pin kranzes $(nix eval --raw .#default.system)-$(nix eval --raw $(nix eval --raw .#default.outPath)

Which will create something like this:

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