Pipewire crackling in wine/proton

I don’t know how to properly debug/troubleshoot it because everything I try ends up in failure.

I get crackling and pw-top has errors, but wine requests a 128 quantum and I don’t know how to change that or whether it’s actually using 128 quantum or whatnot

Is there a simple way to just crank up pulseaudio quantum and just make it work? So far my attempts have ended in failure, and I’m just trying to find the best way to fix it

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It seems this helps.


pulse.properties = {
    pulse.min.req          = 256/48000
    pulse.min.frag         = 256/48000
    pulse.min.quantum      = 256/48000

Source 0.3.67 casuing cracking sound in Wine (#3098) · Issues · PipeWire / pipewire · GitLab

Were you using xanmod kernel? There are less errors on vanilla kernel.

I did this, and it’s just maybe not ENOUGH, I’ll try 512

1024 is too high (echoing), 512 is too low (errors)

So I went 768 to binary search and got both errors and choppy sound at the same time

so I just disabled pipewire