Pipewire Firefox tiny video stutter

After switching to pipewire from pulseaudio i’ve noticed this new problem:

The problem is that youtube video (flatpak firefox) starts to stutter just a tiny bit when audio is on (there is no problems and no stutter in audio itself though, just in the video).
Even if video has silent audio - the problem still manifests, but as soon as you press “mute” button on the youtube player - the video stutter goes away.

take a video with smooth linear movement - the problem is easy to spot with them, like this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vigX3H7WX5Q

no mute - you can spot tiny stuttering from time to time (around once a second for me). mute the video - and stutter goes away.

does not matter what outputs you have, all outputs may be muted - it does not affect the problem.
This does not occur even on same test videos in vlc, with or without sound.

Pulseaudio does not have this problem

Tested this on 2 different machines - both show this behaviour

Since i just could not google anything about this, I assumed that it may be nixos-specific problem

This is known behavior, happens on Chromium also. It happens on every distro as far as I know. Either PipeWire fixes this on their end or browsers need to start using PW directly, not through pipewire-pulseaudio. As a workaround, I’d recommend using MPV for video playback.