Pkgconfig alias has been officially aliased

With now merged, usage of pkgconfig in nixpkgs will now fail with the ofborg’s no-alias check. Please use the pkg-config package.

From the PR:

pkgconfig was aliased in 2018, however, it remained in
all-packages.nix due to its wide usage. This cleans
up the remaining references to pkgs.pkgsconfig and
moves the entry to aliases.nix.
python3Packages.pkgconfig remained unchanged because
it’s the canonical name of the upstream package
on pypi.

Implications: pkgconfig can still be used, the only time this will fail is if you do something like:

import <nixpkgs> { config.allowAliases = false; }

Most out-of-tree code does not make use of this configuration flag, so it should minimally impact users.


also want to thank @siraben for getting this started with

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I remember creating the alias a long long time ago. Thanks for finishing this!


Yea, I saw that you made the commit. But my diff had 1600+ changed files, and I was like “Yea… I would do the same, that’s a lot of pain”

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Graph showing the long rise and short fall of pkgconfig, courtesy of @qyliss