Please help fix ugly cursor in apps installed with nix-env

Please help fix this.

When I install applications via nix-env, I only get an ugly cursor in those applications.

The worst thing is that this cursor doesn’t scale on hidpi screens.

I’ll be very thankful!

ugly cursor

Are you mixing channels?

Is it different to the known cursor issues (like on plasma)?

Thank you for your feedback.
The cursor has changed in the system, but not in applications installed via nix-env.

probably because nix doesn’t know where to look for the cursor theme and therefore can’t find the cursor?

this also annoys me, haven’t got any working solution yet

Did you ever find a solution? Two years later and I’m having this problem on VanillaOS

Hi, I managed to find a solution to this, explicitly for VanillaOS. So I’ve written a guide to change the cursor theme for nix apps (some steps of this guide can be followed even if you are using a different distro). Let me know if something is wrong in this guide, it will be a pleasure! :wink:

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