Please help with sway :(

Hello, I have a new GPU (AMD instead of NVIDIA and thus decided to migrate to SWAY after using i3 for multiple years).

To have i3 working, with all the stuff I need (On startup I could choose modifier, launch application search with SUPER + D, lock screen with i3lock, move windows with the shortcuts, and so on), I only needed a single line in my NixOS configuration:

services.xserver.windowManager.i3.enable = true;

The problem I see now is that there is so much going on for sway in Sway - NixOS Wiki, it is basically a mess. I want to be able to have this exact same setup with a very few lines of configuration. I have multiple issues when only doing programs.sway.enable = true, such as some shortcuts not working, not being able to choose modifier, etc.

Could anyone please help me by giving me a best practice example for my case? Thank you :frowning:

I also found the wiki less than helpful. I’m not saying that where I landed was good, but I have been using sway in NixOS for a while now.

I ended up making a sway module, and then importing it into my configuration.nix.

Unfortunately it’s been a while, so the experience is not fresh in my mind. I’m not sure how well I can answer questions about that code, but I will try.