Podman on 20.09 fails to find fuse-overlayfs

I have nixos running on two laptops: one uses unstable and the other 20.09. I’m incurring in issues running podman on 20.09.

I enabled it using

virtualisation = {
  podman = {
    enable = true;
    dockerCompat = false;

both on unsable and 20.09, but after nixos-rebuild switch, on 20.09, running a container fails:

$ podman run -it alpine
Error: overlay: can't stat program /usr/bin/fuse-overlayfs: stat /usr/bin/fuse-overlayfs: no such file or directory

Is this the correct method for installing podman on 20.09?

I am really surprised it would uses fuse for this. Does sudo modprobe overlay work for you?

It does:

$ sudo modprobe overlay
$ sudo lsmod | grep overlay
overlay               126976  0

Strace might make the issue more visible:

$ strace -f -o /tmp/trace podman run -it alpine

In particular it would be interesting why it does not use native overlayfs.

Thanks, that helped to find the issue! In the trace log I noticed an access to fuse-overlayfs outside the nix store.

Apparently, I had some configuration files hanging around in ~/.config and ~/.local, from a previous Fedora installation. I just dropped those and things and it works now.

I don’t know why it uses fuse-overlayfs instead of native overlayfs, but it seems to do so even after I removed the old configurations.

Thanks again!