[poll] dear users of Rust and nix: what have you struggled with most?

I intend on writing a blog post that survey’s working with Rust in nix contexts today. I have been doing a few things related to nix and Rust and so to share my experience.

I also noticed a few things in the various ecosystem projects that I wanted to post about. (naersk, fenix, why not to use the mozilla Rust overlay :))

But I’m mostly curious about what you’ve struggled with when starting to use nix for Rust project’s of any kind?

Perhaps documentation improvements could be useful side-effects. But I’m mostly wondering about others experience in this space.


I had plenty of trouble understanding how to get a project to build properly until I found some blog post that showed how to use https://github.com/oxalica/rust-overlay.


Personally, when I first started using Rust with Nix, it wasn’t too bad thanks to buildRustCrate, naersk and the mozilla overlay. Soon however i had issues with the mozilla overlay and switched to using oxalica’s overlay, which is awesome.

I think it still missed a “plug and play” setup for most projects though, and needed a lot of boilerplate just to get some stuff building and running. So i made (self-promotion :grin:) https://github.com/yusdacra/nix-cargo-integration for that reason and more. Would love if you could try it out :slight_smile: