[POLL] To Nixpkgs Contributors: how difficult do you feel it is to merge your own PRs?

It still amazes me how nixpkgs can emerge from such collaborative ways, and I love it. But I wonder how people feel about the current contribution process. I am just curious how people generally feel about the process.

  • 1 (a breeze)
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5 (almost impossible)
  • I have given up.

0 voters


To clarify the question: it is directed to the contributors and their PRs.

I like that the topic is approached like so. It’s part of the Nix Community Survey (coming soon) as well to try to provide data to Nix Teams to assess what needs improvement in that area, with a breakdown on profile of user (from beginners to experts). I expect the answer to this question to correlate to that.


I think it’s time to close the poll after a week.

One way to summarise is that there are about 40% voters think that it is hard (4), nearly impossible (5), or have given up on contributing a PR to nixpkgs project.