Possible GNOME bug in the Wayland session

In my case, it only starts when I log out in the “GNOME on Xorg” option, log out and log in again in the GNOME (Wayland) option.

What do you mean by “it starts”? Could you describe in more details what are you doing and what happens? Could you also look at systemd journal journalctl -xa -nall if there are any errors when the thing you are doing fails?


Problem solved. I switched to Lightdm and it is working normally.

Note that with LightDM, not all GNOME features might work. In particular, screen locking might not work correctly.

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I happen to have this issue as well. From the GNOME login, if I try to log in using “Gnome on XORG”, I’m brought back to the login page. Wayland only seems to work…

@jtojnar I ran journalctl -xa -nall. Is there something specific I should share? It’s a prety big file.
In regards to switching GDM to LightDM, do I just modify this line: services.xserver.displayManager.gdm.enable = true; replacing gdm with lightdm? Could I possibly enable both?

You should check if there are any errors reported around the time you log in.

Yes, replacing is should be enough. Just be aware that other display managers than GDM are not really supported by GNOME and some features might not work.

That does not make much sense. Display manager is the program that starts after you turn on your computer and allows you to log in, and while you could in theory have two different ones running at the same time on two different TTYs, you would still have to choose one of them to log in. And I do not think running multiple display managers at the same time is supported anyway – at minimum you would get a conflict over display-manager.service.