Possible hostname configuration bug?

Hi everyone,

I recently changed my configuration.nix from

networking.hostName = "nixos"; # Define your hostname.


networking.hostName = "my-hostname"; # Define your hostname.

The change seemingly worked, as

[mcncm]@cws:~]$ cat /etc/hostname

However, the NixOS box’s network interface (with the correct MAC address) is still showing up on my router’s (Netgear C6220) admin page with device name nixos. Both the host and router have been rebooted since the name change. How is this possible?

Thank you!

It’s probably your router that doesn’t bother to update its data.
You mention that you have rebooted the client and the router in the mean time.
The router must have the DHCP leases on permanent storage to ensure it does not hand out the same IP twice, so rebooting the router won’t help if it doesn’t update the client name on a new request.