Pre-RFC: Universal Reverse Proxy interface

This RFC proposes a universal interface (using NixOS options) to configure reverse proxies. Think of this as Kubernetes Ingress for NixOS.
This can also be compared to virtualisation.oci-containers but for reverse proxies.

I have not written the core design yet. I wanted to gauge interest in the community for something like this. You can read the current draft here:


Implement a set of NixOS options to offer a universal interface to configure reverse proxies.
These options can be used by applications to expose themselves independent of the administrator’s preferred reverse proxy.


I find this very interesting but as a power user of NGINX, I cannot help myself asking the same question as for the portable service abstraction, how do you plan to handle the divergence in the feature set?


I, too, find this to be an interesting proposal. But the question of how to use, let’s say NGINX, HAProxy, Traefik through a unified interface is a good one indeed. Maybe we can have some discussion on that? I’d love to see that.

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My first idea was to allow implementations to define their own options within this interface.

Then a module could define something like this:

{<name> = {
    upstreams = [...];
    # make expose an attrset to allow multiple hostnames?
    expose = {
      name = "example.tld";
      # ["/"] could be the default?
      paths = ["/"];
    # alias to services.nginx.virtualHosts.<name> 
    nginx.basicAuth = { foo = "bar"; };
    # alias to services.caddy.virtualHosts.<name>
    caddy.extraConfig = ''
      basicauth / {
        foo $2a...
    traefik = {
      # creates new middleware named `<name>-auth` in dynamic Traefik config
      middlewares.auth.basicAuth.users = [
      # alias to services.traefik.dynamicConfigOptions.http.routers.<name>
      router.middlewares = ["auth"];
      # alias to<name>

Edit: Though, this should only be reserved for very niche use-cases. Common things like rewrites should be behind a universal option.