Print version of The Thesis?

Is there anywhere I can get a hold of a print version of the original thesis, The Purely Functional Software Deployment Model? For such a long document, reading it on paper would be much nicer than on a screen.

I already checked the Utrecht university store, the nearest Amazon, and Google.

What prevents you from printing it yourself? It’s a pretty well-formatted PDF, after all.

(I would rather be interested in an HTML version we can deep-link to, or a LaTeX file that could be compiled to different outputs)

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As the thesis is on DIN-A 4 I really don’t think that there is a printed version available to buy.

You might use some print-on-demand services that do the printing on your behalf and do some binding for you, though in my experience, just printing it is the most convinient and least expensive way.

Print-on-demand services usually only give you benefits in case of proper cover, proper binding and/or many prints at once.

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Print-on-demand would be good. There doesn’t seem to be a simple solution anywhere nearby, with most of the sites just having a “request a quote” type interaction as their default. Might have to ask some locals.