Problems Adjusting Pipewire Sample Rate NixOS

I have a NixOS configuration that employs pipewire, I am trying to get chrome to play higher quality audio in the 192khz range, overcoming the systems default 48khz.

services = {
    pipewire = {
      enable = true;
      alsa.enable = true;
      alsa.support32Bit = true;
      pulse.enable = true;
      jack.enable = true;
      extraConfig.pipewire = { = {
          default.clock.rate = 192000;
          #defautlt.allowed-rates = [ 192000 48000 44100 ];
          defautlt.allowed-rates = [ 192000 ];
          default.clock.quantum = 32;
          default.clock.min-quantum = 32;
          default.clock.max-quantum = 32;

This rebuilds fine but when I run pw-top,
Pw-top says chrome is running @ 48000. Additionally when I check the pipewire settings with pw-metadata it returns

Found "settings" metadata 32
update: id:0 key:'log.level' value:'2' type:''
update: id:0 key:'clock.rate' value:'48000' type:''
update: id:0 key:'clock.allowed-rates' value:'[ 48000 ]' type:''
update: id:0 key:'clock.quantum' value:'1024' type:''
update: id:0 key:'clock.min-quantum' value:'32' type:''
update: id:0 key:'clock.max-quantum' value:'2048' type:''
update: id:0 key:'clock.force-quantum' value:'0' type:''
update: id:0 key:'clock.force-rate' value:'0' type:''

It seems as if the settings aren’t being modified. I also checked /etc/pipewire with the tree command and it showed that there were 6 directories but no files ( . pipewire-pulse.conf pipewire.conf jack.conf client.conf client-rt.conf ) . These are obviously symlinks to the /nix/store. When I checked actual store path, I found that pipewire.conf.d has a one file called context.conf. With the proper setup from my nixos configuration file, but it isn’t symlinked anywhere.

  "properties": {
    "default": {
      "clock": {
        "max-quantum": 32,
        "min-quantum": 32,
        "quantum": 32,
        "rate": 192000
    "defautlt": {
      "allowed-rates": [

Is there something additional I need to do for this file to be put into /etc/pipewire and have the actual pipewire daemon run it?

I thought the pipewire module changed last year and basically gave up on structured settings. I just do this now (with NixOS 23.11):

  environment.etc."pipewire/pipewire.conf.d/99-rates.conf".text = '' = {
      default.clock.rate = 44100
      default.clock.allowed-rates = [ 44100 48000 88200 96000 ]

I’m on 24.05, but I’ll try this way. Thanks!
Do I have to do anything special to active this profile once its installed or should pw-top and pw-metadata show these changes after a rebuild?

In 24.05 environment.etc.pipewire is no longer supported.

You probably just have to restart pipewire? Not sure if activate will pick up on that.

Hmm, I haven’t looked at what’s coming in 24.05 yet but I’m surprised that’s not supported. Is pipewire configured to not look in /etc/pipewire anymore?

What was your fix for getting this to work on 24.05?