Problems with F2FS

Problems with F2FS.

I’ve had a rather strange issue with F2FS in NIxOS that actually forced me to re-partition a particular machine.

Said machine had an NVME SSD and this was a fresh install of 19.03.

Story is as follows

  • Installs NixOS with a completely blissful joy
    (imagine Julie Andrews the hills are alive style)

  • Boots NixOS and things are kinda weird

fsck.f2fs would stall for about >=20s in an almost consistent manner.
Anytime I would do nixos-rebuild * and boot the new generation it would stall this way.

Progressively fsck would take more and more time after more rebuilds and reboots.
Even more so if I switched a kernel.

  • Can’t boot because fsck won’t exit

This was understandably frustrating for me.
However I still held true.

  • Does some seeking

Things I noticed

Note this a wasn’t a particularly invested investigation.
I could always change the filesystem and move on.

But I was really confused by how it appeared that fsck was an aggressor here.

I thought to skip fsck and see if we could move on, but I couldn’t achive this for some reason, even with noCheck.

Long story short did some diagnostics and there wasn’t anything wrong.


Didn’t use f2fs.

Not particularly the one I wanted, but I’ve tried other filesystems and haven’t had any problems.
So maybe there’s a problem in NixOS?


Hardware could be at fault, I doubt it though, but I wouldn’t wish this experience on someone.
I’d be consenting to it by means of complacency.

I’ve posted this to inquire if anyone else has had these issues with F2FS.


I’ve posted this to inquire if anyone else has had these issues with F2FS.

In the past I’ve tried it before going with nilfs2, it was on NixOS
stable, 17.09. I do not have had such fsck problem but f2fs cleaner
seems to be even worse than nilfs2 one, to a point that I’ve get
regular fs full issue due to lack of cleaning and no way to push
cleaner run a bit. Second problem f2fs prove to be really unstable
for me, I have random file loss on a working Intel ssd that is
still working and in good shape today…

However I do not have non-NixOS experience with it so I can’t tell
if NixOS support have a bug or it’s f2fs itself. The sole thing I
can say is that f2fs is still alive but certainly nearly in
maintenance mode on GNU/Linux…

– Ingmar

The fsck can be disabled with: boot.initrd.checkJournalingFS = false

So I think this thing with the long running fsck is because they run a full one if the kernel version changes


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