Proxmox LXC and KDE

Hi, has anybody been able to run KDE on an LXC (Proxmox)?

I can run a VM just fine, and NixOS also runs fine. But can’t seem to get to a graphical interface. Is this a limitation of LXC?

These are the pertinent parts of :

imports =
(modulesPath + "/virtualisation/proxmox-lxc.nix")
boot.isContainer = true;

# Enable the X11 windowing system.
services.xserver.enable = true;

# Enable the KDE Plasma Desktop Environment.
services.xserver.displayManager.sddm.enable = true;
services.xserver.desktopManager.plasma5.enable = true;

# Configure keymap in X11
services.xserver = {
layout = "us";
xkbVariant = "";
autorun = true;

# Enable automatic login for the user.
services.xserver.displayManager.autoLogin.enable = true;
services.xserver.displayManager.autoLogin.user = "user";